Brand Positioning and Redefining Marketing Goals

First United Lutheran Church

CHALLENGE:  FULC was expelled from the Lutheran Synod for it acceptance of gay clergy.  Twenty years later, the synod invited the church back, but the congregation was not sure if it would have to compromise its “San Francisco Values.”

SOLUTION: MediaWorks worked with the board to assess the communication pros and cons of rejoining the larger organization.   The governing council wanted to retain its independence, but saw several advantages by reconciling with the larger synod.   Before a decision was ultimately made to become part of the larger organization we worked to:

  • Brand positioning to redefine the look and feel of the external messaging of the congregation with a fun, welcoming, “we are a very different kind of church” message
  • Revamp of Website
  • Creation of their blog to discuss issues that drive home the congregation’s inherent values that make them different
  • Spearheaded a feature story about new direction of the FULC in the SF Chronicle
  • Coordinated a feature story in the Huffington Post
  • Creation of new signage to attract passersby on Sundays

RESULT:  FULC has rejoined the synod on their terms, and has attracted several new families.  In addition, the pastor serves as a voice for change within the liberal wing of the synod.

First United Lutheran Church Logo

We have been working with Phil for the past several years and have been absolutely delighted with his creative and networking abilities. Phil has helped our congregation to become better at defining ourselves and thinking about how to do more effective outreach into our community. He has been effective in getting hard-to-come-by media attention for church matters. He has provided invaluable ideas and suggestions for blogs, social media and print media. His network of colleagues has enabled us to redesign our logo and web site. In short, we are happy to have the opportunity to recommend Phil Siegel and MediaWorks.

Susan Strouse
First United Lutheran Church