Nationwide Media Relations For Non-Profit Fundraising

African Children’s Choir

CHALLENGE:  The African Children’s Choir travels to small cities all over North America.  Every year the children come from Kenya and Uganda and perform for one full year, raising money to pay for their – and several hundred others — educations for life.  The problem was that the group returned to the same cities annually, and publicity had gotten stale.  The audiences had gotten smaller every year.

SOLUTION:  Rather than focusing media relations solely on the upcoming concerts, we focused on placing stories about the impact the group has in their home countries before they arrived in the city, emphasizing the fundraising effort would have on the children, their families, and their villages.

RESULT:  In six months, MediaWorks placed over 60 full-page feature stories in 95% of the towns where the choir performed.   In major cities, we arranged live performances on television stations.