Video Production Services & Content Development of Support Material

Pye-Harris Legacy Project

CHALLENGE:  A new non-profit was created to educate youth on the modern LGBT movement.   MediaWorks was brought on-board to research the best ways to reach young people.

SOLUTION: MediaWorks created a video entitled COMING OUT IN THE 1950s — the first in a series for young people to interview people who came out 60 years ago.   We cast three youth journalists, and three seniors to interview one another about their experiences. It was a chance for the kids to compare and contrast the senior’s coming out experience and those of the youth of today.

As part of its video production services, MediaWorks created a curriculum to dovetail with the video, and the planned films in the series.  Working with educators at Mills College, an in-depth study guide of question, resources, and discussion topics were included for each decade in which a film is planned.

  • Program development
  • Casting
  • Video Production/Post Production
  • Program Distribution
  • Publicity/Media Relations
  • Curriculum content development
  • Partnering with California LGBT organizations

RESULT:  The video has received 40,000 youtube hits, and was distributed to middle and high schools throughout California.   The 15-minute video has been seen in film festivals throughout the United States and internationally.  The curriculum has been sent to 150 Gay/Straight Clubs at California high schools.  Several radio interviews and print stories have appeared on the project.   The second video, COMING OUT IN THE 1960s was completed in January, 2013 and the third, COMING OUT IN THE 1970s was completed in 2014.

See the video on YouTube below.

Phil has a terrific creative mind, and he’s enthusiastic about projects he’s involved with. He has completed programs on time and on budget. He is very personable, and is a pleasure to work with.
Wayne Kirchoffer
The Pye Harris Legacy Project, Inc.
Founding Board Member