Key Message Development

What is your 30-second elevator pitch? How can you say what must be said quickly and in a way that target audiences will actually hear what you are saying? We specialize in working collaboratively with our clients for key message development from Day 1 to determine your most compelling product attributes and the most concise ways to communicate them. Through a systematic process, we drill down to uncover your core product benefits from your competitors. Once we have identified what makes your product or service truly unique, we develop supporting points that amplify and add substance to the core product messages. This disciplined approach to key messaging development allows you to easily harness and deliver key sound bites and additional relevant content across a wide range of audiences.

“I have been working with Phil for my media for years- both early in my career and now over a decade later. In all of this time, Phil’s vibrant energy, follow thru and outstanding work ethic has been an asset for my projects and business. Phil has worked with national segments in radio, print and television of my business, Stevie Famulari, and my works with great respect and success. He is an asset and has earned my respect, continued business, and deepest thanks for all he has taught me and done.”
Ms. Stevie Famulari
Environmental Artist.
Food Artist, Food Network Challenge
Professor Landscape Architecture Department, NDSU
International Phytotechnology Society Member